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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Fusebox 215: Advance To The Rear (1/25/23)

Fusebox 215: “Advance To The Rear”

33:41 – PRE ROLL: A Fishy Dream? Coming To You Live From Suicide Sally’s, Things Are Looking Up, Suicide Sally’s Grand Entrance, Missing In Action Milt, Fun With Instagram, Jeff’s “Get Up”, A Fan Inquires, Fusebox Liner ID, What Do We Think? The Poet Laureate Of Oregon To Contribute To The Show, More Fun in ’23, Milt Moment? Suicide Sally Returns With A Special Delivery, “Biker Tinkerbell”, The Flat Earth Snow Globe, Milt Moment? A Word For The Year, Show Close. POST ROLL: Answer Me This. 

A battalion of thanks to our contributors to this edition of the show; Dre O’Brien, Sam A.Mowry for sheer excellence in ID pronouncements, Suicide Sally and all the folks at her establishment for making us feel welcome regardless of our tawdry and questionable behavior. Or, maybe because of it…dunno. Thanks as well to Regina Carol and Jeff Pollard for making this another wondrous ride in Fuseville.

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Released January 25th, 2023 

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