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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Post-Arlen Monologix 00015 (02-01-23)

[1:02:30] – SUBJECT MATTER: DFW Ice Storm 2023. Thunder Sleet. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow. Don’t Shit Where You Eat. Somerset NJ. Ukrainian Orthodox Church. My Ukrainian Grandmother. Orthodoxy & Cultural Distinctions. Ukrainian Half-Breed. Ukrainian Cousins / Motorcycle Video. Ukrainian Cossacks. Eastern & Western Ukraine. The Sitch. Cossacks MC in Texas. Twin Peaks /Waco Biker Shootout. The Whacko From Waco. Billy Joe Shaver Statue. Waylon Jennings “Honky Tonk Heroes”. Saturday Morning Coffee Talk / Covid Era. Robert Duval “The Apostle”. Cotton Pickin’ Musicians. Green Gables. The Baylor Fraternity Incident. The Branch Davidians. End Times Cults. David Koresh. The Lamb of God. Cult Knuckleheads. Cults of Personality. The Mt. Carmel Seige. Federal Paramilitary Goons. Wrong and Wronger. “Waco” Miniseries on Paramount+. Branch Davidian Lunacy. Another Federal Disaster.

LICENSE FOR THIS TRACK: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ( Attribution: by Post-Arlen Monologix / Maverick88. Please refer to WWW.POST-ARLEN.COM for additional information.

ATTRIBUTIONS: “Yee-Haw” sound clip (102437__shawshank73__scottstoked-yeehaw.wav) by shawshank73 ( “Sad Piano” sound clip (416057__psovod__sad-ending-piano-1.mp3) by PSOVOD ( The songs “Maverick88” and “ReverendMotherForklift” used with permission.

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