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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Post-Arlen Monologix 00017 (02-07-23)

[1:13:42] – SUBJECT MATTER: Beliefs & World-View. Science & The Art of God. Social Status of Scientists. Applied Science. Small Potatoes. Creator & Creation. Apostle Paul’s Writings. The Fear of God. The Creation of Creative Beings. Age of The Earth. Long-Day Creation Theory. Man Days & God Days. Expressing Innumerable Values. Genesis & Geological Dating. Southern Baptists and Literal Days. Difficulties Reading Genesis. The Nephilim / Ancient Astronaut Theory. Pseudepigraphal Texts. Cain & Abel. Approach to Reading The Bible. Macro to Micro Transition in Genesis 2. Adam’s Rib. Garden of Eden / Forbidden Fruit. “In Search Of” With Leonard Nimoy. “In Search of The Garden of Eden” 1978. Iron Butterfly “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”. Piercings and Butterfly Tattoos. The Price of Youth Is Aging. The Doors / The Scream of The Butterfly. Jon Anderson Lyrics. Yes “Siberian Khatru”. Monarch Programming. Texas Monarch Butterfly Migration. British Monarchy. The Land of Rape and Honey. British Loyalists. Nazi Human Experimentation. Operation Paperclip. Rocket Science / The Space Race. Nazi Intelligence Agents. Origins of The CIA. US Mind Control Experiments. Monarch Programming Subjects. Concentration Camp Subjects. The Acid Tests. JFK vs Military Industrial Complex / CIA. Dulles Brothers / Bad Blood. The Hidden Truth. Warhawk Profiteering. Smedley Butler. RFK vs Mafia. Sirhan Sirhan. “Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”. The Warren Commission. Dallas TX. Harley Cruisin’ Downtown. Deep Ellum. Elm Street. Dealey Plaza. The Sixth Floor Museum. American Piracy. Skull & Cross Bones. Nightmare on Elm Street. The Elm Tree From Hell.

LICENSE FOR THIS TRACK: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ( Attribution: by Post-Arlen Monologix / Maverick88. Please refer to WWW.POST-ARLEN.COM for additional information.

ATTRIBUTIONS: “Yee-Haw” sound clip (102437__shawshank73__scottstoked-yeehaw.wav) by shawshank73 ( “Sad Piano” sound clip (416057__psovod__sad-ending-piano-1.mp3) by PSOVOD ( The songs “Maverick88” and “ReverendMotherForklift” used with permission.

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  1. Good episode! I don’t strongly disagree with any of your major points about the Bible, except maybe the one about starting with one of the Gospels, which is going to seriously prejudice the interpretation toward the Christian perspective.

    To translate your preferred terms into mine: The Macro gods of Genesis 1 are just called the Elohim in the Hebrew text; I call them the Rational Principles of the Universe. Think of them as the laws of physics and metaphysics, or if you prefer the singular, as the universal set of those laws. The Micro gods of chapter 2 and beyond are called the Yahweh Elohim, a particular group of Created Creators; I call them the Yahwelians. Thus the Ancient Astronaut Theory does not conflict with the idea of an ultimate Creator God, nor does science/pseudoscience in general.

    I’m glad the length of your episodes has become more manageable. I had trouble navigating the early ones.

    Comment by Dave — February 8, 2023 @ 6:35 am

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