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Friday, February 24, 2023

Post-Arlen Monologix 00022 (02-24-23)

[1:08:34] – SUBJECT MATTER: Maverick88 Recovery Topics. The Ebb & Flow of Dog Puke. Catholic Guilt. Men’s Room Stank. The Heavy Breathers. Radical Lifestyle Changes. Diet & Exercise. Keto Diet. Cleansing, Gut Health, & Spirituality. Intermittent Fasting. Orthodox Lenten Fast. Monastic Three Day Fast. Side Jag About A Side Jag. The AA Three Day Rule. Three Days in Hades. Multi-Faceted Element of Fasting. The Maverick88 Fast. Various Fasting Observations. The Spiritual Fog. Antagonism From Within. Physical-Sophical. Physical Results. The Doctor’s Opinion. Conscious Contact With God. Spirit Against Flesh. State of Being. Forty Days In The Wilderness (Luke 4:1). Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Spiritual Hitch-Hikers. Casting Out Demons. The Strength of Jesus Christ. Miracle Cures. Confrontation With The Devil. Our Spirit Essence vs Our Physical Identity. Inherent Weakness of Humans. Vulnerability To Food & Sex. Challenging Our Contact With God. The Offer Of Power. Robert Johnson at The Crossroads. The Lust of Power. The Deal With The Devil. Reconsidering Our Leadership. The Genius of Humble Means. Low-Life Motherfuckers, Nonetheless. Amen.

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