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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Post-Arlen Monologix 00023 (02-28-23)

[01:24:42] – SUBJECT MATTER: West Texas Orange Dust. Fear-Porn Click-Bait. Homily on Porn and “Abusing Oneself”. Dirty Handshakes. Star Trek: Enterprise Review. Awkward Alien Handshake. My Failings: Vanity & Wrath. Serving At The Altar / Adult Altar Boy. Raised Roman Catholic. Pedophile Priests. The Spiritual “Nudge”. Clerical Hierarchy. Perfectionism & Worthiness. Regrettable Delay. Shut Up & Show Up. Acolyte Defined. First Experience as an Acolyte. Sense of Belonging. Orthodox Lenten Fast. Sugar-Free Eating. Sugar In Everything. Sugar Jones. Ranch Style Beans & Tortillas. Sugar in Ranch Beans FFS. Sucrose is Narcotic. Acid Beans. Fire-Breathing Dragon Ass. V8 Spicy Hot. Campbell’s Soup Company / Camden NJ. Sugar in Soup FFS. Southfork Ranch Gun Show. Hot & Spicy Pickles. Leather Products. Sense of Gun Culture Disillusionment. Faith-Based Brotherhood. Knife Shopping. Anti-China Shopping Principle. Boker Kalashnikov XXL Auto Knife. Dealing With Vendors. Cold Steel AD-10 Folding Knife. YouTube Knife Review Videos. Skunked / Counterfeit Knives FFS. Midway USA (Columbia MO). Dormant Workshop Hobbies. Too Many Damn Hobbies To List. Writing Theological Papers. Dormant Creative Writing Talent. Lost Fiction Chapters Found. Writing Novels. Coming Soon: Uncle Maverick’s Bedtime Stories.

LICENSE FOR THIS TRACK: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ( Attribution: by Post-Arlen Monologix / Maverick88. Please refer to WWW.POST-ARLEN.COM for additional information.

ATTRIBUTIONS: “Yee-Haw” sound clip (102437__shawshank73__scottstoked-yeehaw.wav) by shawshank73 ( “Sad Piano” sound clip (416057__psovod__sad-ending-piano-1.mp3) by PSOVOD ( The songs “Maverick88” and “ReverendMotherForklift” used with permission.

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