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Friday, March 17, 2023

Post-Arlen Monologix 00028 (03-15-23)

[01:34:57] – SUBJECT MATTER: Easter Marketing / Advertisements. Seasonal Christians. Problems With “Church”. Business As Usual. Bible-Based Fellowship. Easter / Ishtar Etymology. “Resurrection Day”. Passover Realized. Re-Defined / Co-Opted. “Gayish”. The Word “Homosexual” / “Sexual Inversion”. Sodomites & Reprobates. Bob Grant / WABC 77 AM. Talk Radio (Sports & Politics). Mean-Spirited Talk Radio Influence. Frank Nora & The Overnightscape (20 Year Anniversary). The Overnightscape Underground (ONSUG). Reprobate In The Bible. Apostle Paul / Romans 1. Immoral Lifestyles. Hatred of Christianity / Christian Morality. Contemporary Attack on The Church. Apostle Paul / 1 Corinthians 6. Phil Robertson / Duck Dynasty / LGBTQ Controversy. The House Lesbian / Picking Up Strays. Confronted With Morality. “Church Of Christ” Denomination. Protestant Redefinition Follies. The Restoration Movement. The Actual Apostolic Church. Protestant Church Music Variations. Non-Denominational Church of Christ Spin-Off. Biker Group / Coming To Orthodoxy. American Version of Orthodoxy. Western Christianity. Eastern Christianity in Alaska. Eastern European Immigrants. Ethnic Orthodoxy. Door-To-Door Protestantism. The Campbellites / Kentucky Stuff. The Great Schism. The Ecumenical Councils. The Patriarchates & Patriarchs. Roman Variance. Easter is Western. Orthodox Pascha / Passover. The Lamb of God. Easter vs Pascha. Western Ignorance. Two Christmases & Two Easters. The Assimilation Point. Desire For Proper Worship. Hiding Truth / Dividing Christianity. Easter, Christmas, & Halloween. Orthodox Halloween / Mocking The Demons. Old Time Halloween. Friendly’s Ice Cream. The Chocolate-Covered Mothballs Incident. Scumbags In The World. The Paradox of Over-Protection & Child-Abuse. Protestant “Trunk Or Treat”. Low-Trust Factor. Trigger Warning / Future Episode. Contemporary Halloween Lameness. “Midnight Pie” Reading.

LICENSE FOR THIS TRACK: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ( Attribution: by Post-Arlen Monologix / Maverick88. Please refer to WWW.POST-ARLEN.COM for additional information.

ATTRIBUTIONS: “Yee-Haw” sound clip (102437__shawshank73__scottstoked-yeehaw.wav) by shawshank73 ( “Sad Piano” sound clip (416057__psovod__sad-ending-piano-1.mp3) by PSOVOD ( The songs “Maverick88” and “ReverendMotherForklift” used with permission.

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