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Sunday, August 8, 2010

ROAR-2010-08-03 – Episode 89 – The Meekins Has Inherited The ROAR

ROAR-2010-08-03 – Episode 89 – The Meekins Has Inherited The ROAR

This time on the ROAR:
Walkabout with Jim and Lillian, the ROAR corp is growing, bringing a few tunes on walkabout for the 1st time since the beginning of the ROAR, various ways people can get the show, the new feed,, our group on Facebook, Keith Rickman and the Lord Jellico record, the episode 38 dilemma solved, big thanks to Nancy in British Columbia, a call for listener feedback, why no flash on the Ipod Touch, Iphone or Ipad?, the Centrios Soundbag, the giant gull, someone blowing smoke, the wind problem, thinking about buying a wind screen for the R-09, the pub making it into the 20th century, being able to get online at the pub, Jim’s Lord Kitchener fandom, a shout-out to Louis and Mike of The Catch, the Lillian pipe story, Jim and Lillian’s new personal theme song, promoting CD’s, more wind problems, a brief review of the Hippo Remote Iphone app, new shout-out contest announced Lillian’s interview with Michael Meekins and a whole heap more.

Music this time:
Our theme, Genesis, by Jim Fidler.

Best listened to on headphones.  -  Breeze a blow!

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