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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Frank Nora Show 1546 – Witchcraft in the Eighties (8/10/10)

1:45:01 – New things opening in NYC, Pop Tarts World, witchcraft in the 80s and possessed Pop Tarts, Franklin Gothic, trademarking, guitar, free Skittles, legalese, new subway entrance at 11 Times Square, the “entrance of all losers”, wax Whoopi Goldberg, Nintendo Wii, Late Night Music Show, concept shows, the virtual world of the future, lightning incident, going into the future, 8/9/10, measurement systems, political mailing lists, politics/voting is a complete scam, cynicism and social circles, mockery, the red pill, boxing, virtual worlds, OpenSim, OSGrid, server software, cyberspace, AR goggles, Mary Poppins, first impressions of “Need For Speed Online”, MMOHut, the fantasy genre, Windows laptop, a visit to the just-opened Pop Tarts World on 42nd Street, Times Square area, reading a letter from Sarah Palin, thought control methods, mediocre personalities, coarse discourse, elements of a cyclical system of control, sandbox driving games, Devastating Nightscape, Need For Speed Online, news reports of a lightning incident in Boston last week, John’s Party (8/4/01), physics of lightning, Vancouver and Paris, 2nd anniversary of the start of The Rampler, Weezer Hurley album, Lost, yogurt questions, bus dog incident, David Icke, conspiracy theories, kombucha, feeding the cute little birds, Mercury Retrograde, ideas, protest, people taking themselves too seriously, reincarnation, the play and the pure joy of dancing with life.

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  1. I was so excited to hear about Franks experiences and opinions of the Wii, looking forward to that episode, still I must admit that as a person who has listened to several hundred episodes, I had a feeling he wouldn’t get to that topic. It’s kinda a Frank Nora Show tradition, if Frank pre-sales some topic more than a few times at the top of the show, it most likely will not be discussed at all during that show. Strange but true.

    Congrats on the wii, looking forward to sharing friend codes.

    Mine is:
    Chad “titfos” – 7552 1154 8542 1399

    Comment by Chad — August 11, 2010 @ 1:51 pm

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