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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Into Your Head – Show 811: How to Win BIG in the Confession Box (2/25/24)

1:10:03 – Neal discusses Bivouacs, shoes in radio dramas, traversing North Korea, how to talk to your child about podcasting, the phrase teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs, urinal troughs on trains, inventing the commuter picnic, cartoons about puppets, attitudes to scarecrows, curing the listener’s pencil sickness, major life lesson from Man Versus Food, how a bishop moves in Chess, Worzel Gummage (ITV), alternate universe binary code, winning in the confessional, Muppet Babies format confusion, a Mary Poppins of the drugs world, typewriter versus typerwriter, myths about oats, the fates of Murder She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher and Family Guy‘s Mayor Adam West, paracetamol versus cocaine versus audiobooks, Harbour Hotel (RTE Radio 1) and what replaced it, honey monster capsules. what an AI barman experiences and more.

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