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Saturday, August 21, 2010

ROAR-2010-08-06 – Episode 91 – Walking With The Little People

Republic of Avalon Radio logoThis time on the ROAR:
Walkabout with Jim and Lillian, same old same old, calm as a clock, how calm is a clock, sweating like a pig, do pigs sweat, Jim’s blooper, the state of the world, fandom, you can’t blame the youths, good people with guns VS bad people with guns, blaming society VS personal accountablilty, the state raising children VS parents raising children, home schooling VS public indoctrination, some weather banter, fast walking, dancing on the sidewalk, Jim and Lillian turn into little people, the ancient thesaurus, ugga ugga boo ugga boo boo ugga, thinking up potential album names and band names, the secret milk shakes, Flappy and the Lapdogs, Abba Cadavre, the spooky street lights, transitioning the ROAR to the new server, DIY, images, branding, Reality Time, Revolution Time, Jim’s up-coming performance at the Folk festival, artistic children growing up into artistic adults, public negativity, smelling oil, don’t kill Kenny, the human nature paradox, folks basing reality on fiction, planning VS spontanaety, actors are liars, the Lesbo-Folk genre, passing the Djembe players, Jim and Lillian’s new theme song again, “what odds?”, running into Roseanne and Donny, Michael Meekins, a call for content and all dat kind of stuff.

Music this time:
Our theme, Genesis, by Jim Fidler

Best listened to on headphones.  -  The world can be a scarey place when you’re 6 inches tall.

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