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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Frank Nora Show 1567 – Comfort of Ritual (9/16/10)

48:38 – Cold and windy at Tudor City Greens, health food lunch, PopCorners, smoked tofu and hummus sandwich, Erivan Yogurt, the work fridge, kombucha, America’s Got Talent finale, NetFlix on Wii, new show on the channel – 418 Show, 209, Rampler Commons, Into the Ether, ONSUG stats, more new shows, mass media habits, live stream, Night Packages, breakfast psych-out, Japanese breakfast (seaweed potato chips and pickled plum rice balls), comfort of ritual, table service solo stigma, OTB, betting on horse races, thunderstorm, radar, another meetup, Jersey City, light rail, fashion shows, angry guy, possible new smoking ban, guy dropped cigarettes, Richard Hatch, Super Taito Table Flip 2, ping pong, observations from the supermarket, “quick cook” pasta, “Triple Health” English Muffins, Goldfish, Cinnabon, Kleenex Hand Towels, hand drying in public restrooms, and investment.

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