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Monday, October 4, 2010

Frank Nora Show 1579 – Tricentennial (10/4/10)

54:45 – Left my home three times this morning, cold outside, bus message, 43 years old now, Level 4, bathroom chaos, forgot my umbrella, birthday, slept for 12 hours, cool dream (with Andy Warhol, Kurt Kobain, Godzilla, and time travel), black bins, Facebook birthday greetings, umbrella purchase difficulties, subway, rainy day, umbrella with girly logo, empty OTB, double holiday today – National Taco Day & National Vodka Day, communal table, taco-flavored vodka?, new tourist attraction “The Ride”, now in my mid-40s, bed ride dream, cigar, Gimme Shelter, recording a greeting for Republic of Avalon Radio in Pershing Square, shelter by the Altria building, caught up with the Bleach anime, on to the Bleach manga, K-On!, describing the alcove, blank payphone kiosks, payphone scam memories, Bell Atlantic, fascinated with 1996, The Rampler #207, magazines from 1996, Obliviana, giving a kid advice in a dream, gave a guy a light, Grand Central cool lighting, the young nephews could easily make it to the Tricentennial in 2076 (if America still exists then), the new 70s, people in the future, the aliens are coming, and whatever happened to the North American Union and the amero?

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