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Friday, October 15, 2010

SpecialDelivery33-Thanks Columbus!(10/13/10)

29:47- No work for Columbus Day, Yard Work, Having some 18 year old Oban Single Malt Scotch and smoking a Tabek Especial Cigar. Tabek Especial by Drew Estates, Coffee infused cigar, watching cartoons about Columbus on youtube, was Columbus a hero or a savage murderer, remembering the Overnightscase Project and how it got me into Scotch and Cigars again, Hello to Dadaist from my rake, Leaves starting to fall, my dog is jealous of the cats, Retired mailman luncheon,  lack of volunteering in organizations, reconnecting with my old buddy Neuff,  Solar Power for my house,  6 years till I can retire from P O,  Making lunch for Mike and his friends, Podblocked,  adding things to this episode(actually I put that suuff in SD32), Frank is amazing how he can do a show almost every day, High School meetup at Spiritos Restaurant,  Firemen wont put out fire in Tenn. because people didn’t pay 75.00 fee.

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