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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Frank Nora Show 1624 – The Humanoid Puppets (12/29/10)

39:27 – The Animaniacs Pinball, Steven Spielberg, 2011, breakfast innovations, new breakfast – two ume (pickled plum) rice balls and Madhouse Munchies potato chips, sheps, falling ice danger, Sidecar Seating Area, I sharpened a pencil today, email problems, bacn filters, silly new police scooters, possible new economic crash, cassette sneakernet, new character “Peace Pheyden”, buttons, The Doors, Times Square crowds, money from 1988, Crash Bandicoot, PlayStation, life crises, box of 11 Doctor Who action figures, garbage delivery, slushy and crowded, Java Pops, popscicle sticks and lollipop sticks, two shafts of light shining down on Manhattan, The Hanna- Barbera Happy Hour (TV show from 1978), unavailability of most TV shows from the past, life-size/humanoid puppets, the greatest hits of 1911, 100 years ago today, best janitor quote ever, cinnamon thoughts, arcade, No Fear pinball machine is off, brain fog, overthinking everything, a new kind of radio station, SCTV, run for the bus, and keep it simple.

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Released December 2010 on The Overnightscape Underground (, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and fascinating hosts.

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