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Monday, January 31, 2011

Frank Nora Show 1642 – Scuzzy Chain (1/31/11)

1:17:15 – The New Overnightscape Studio, Codamagger Lullabies music show, Twiggy, weirdness of memories, Sarje is back, goose crossing, old listeners coming back to the show, Hyperkinetic, the way the show used to be, opening a package from Anthony from California, the package of questions, Disney Theme Park Collector Packs, The Bottle of Things, Star Wars, sidewalk skull picture, record number of shows released in one month, context challenges, jump to Monday morning, chipotle flakes, chemtrails, scalability, crowdsourcing, reaction to show title “Virgin Ears and Virgin Eyes”, new Hoover, bus stop faux pas, violent phrase, the virtual world as a prison, Philip K. Dick “Exegesis”, determinism, what the hell is a regular world, bus pass, subway noises, Lost ending, accidental subway riding recording, building Ikea stuff while watching documentaries on NetFlix on Wii (Beer Wars, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, Bret “The Hitman” Hart: Wrestling With Shadows), dowels, Marilyn Monroe, wrestling, WWF, computer graphics, the most famous Albertan, cheap lunch, alarm, Fringe, blowing into your Nintendo, octagonal room, video of toys, last week’s episodes of American Idol, Simon Cowell, my history with Apple Macintosh computers, a computer frozen in time, old FireWire 400 hard drives, Zip Disks, resource forks, SCSI memories, Sherlock, the green iTunes, Eric’s Cascade, computer archaeology, and more chemtrails.

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  1. Frank, I totally agree about Macs vs Windows computers. Greg and I have talked about this a few times on The Paunch Stevenson Show. You’re right, in the year 2011, there’s almost no reason to buy a Mac over a Windows computer, especially now that Macs have the same exact internal parts as Dells and HPs. Same CPU, same RAM, same hard drives, same video cards…yet Apple charges at *least* 1.5 times the price!

    Plus, OS X and Windows have both matured to the point where the user interface is very similar to each other.

    There are still Mac zealots out there who claim Mac is far superior to Windows, but when I read and listen to their arguments, I realize they’re stuck in 1994. Their arguments usually involve crashing problems, blue screens of death, troublesome device drivers, etc. Yes, Windows was plagued by those things…17 years ago! Ever since Windows 95, it’s been steadily improving. In 2001, XP really bridged the gap and was rock solid. I haven’t seen a blue screen of death in eight years, but these Mac fanatics keep using that as their main argument. Even Apple’s own “I’m a Mac” commercials used that as its main argument up until a year ago.

    Also, I don’t know about you, but I find the last few versions of OS X to be pretty ugly. Vista and 7 are so much more beautiful. I loved how the earlier versions of OS X looked, with lots of white and subtle blue pinstripes. For a while, everything changed to brushed metal, which was a joke, and now everything looks like generic gray blobs. I have to stare at the ugly gray Snow Leopard folders all day at work.

    Netflix on the Wii: at first, it was a pretty lousy, but now that I can search within the app, it’s so much more useful! My only complaint now is Netflix’s streaming selection is horrible. It really needs to increase the amount of titles available online.

    Comment by Rob — February 3, 2011 @ 8:25 am

  2. I concur and think that if the Linux community wanted, it could topple both Windows and Mac

    Also I would like to voice my hatred of the SCSI chain, fought those damn things for a long time.


    Comment by Bob LeMent — February 5, 2011 @ 4:37 pm

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