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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Frank Nora Show 1668 – Matter Addicts (3/17/11)

2:40:14 – Rainy morning, statues, the nuclear problems in Japan, my understanding of radiation, organs, refill subway card, staged events, more thoughts on the idea of a resource-based economy, crowded toy store, the overlords, pop culture and society, playing Nintendo 3DS at Grand Central, what is the goal, a flight of fancy – my theory of what’s going on, scarcity, cosmic justice, the next day, St. Patrick’s, old-fashioned dress, what is a bonnet, smelly person, The Strokes “Angles”, constant sirens lose their meaning, people screaming, Sanrio, rock and roll music, The White Stripes, Copper Man album “Selling The Downtown Dream”, nice outside, chemtrails, imitating the crickets sound effect, Nintendo 3DS, breakfast problem, The Ramones, Murray The K, the mystery of vowels, clicking languages, regular talking, annual lunch, Argosy bookstore, cool old books, silent basement, The Human Zoo, Barney Google cartoonist Billy DeBeck, musty odors, Jumbo Word Search, pencil and paper games, Mattel Electronics Missile Attacks, Destructoe Valley, anesthesia horrors, making memories, new Audiodical design work, get cigars, the human dimension, The Rampler Weekly, approaches to media, the production process, thoughts on Nintendo 3DS, Virtual Boy, video phones, Zune, Virgin Megastore, Sansa, Microsoft, YouTube Leanback on Boxee Box, Battle of the Network Stars, Jim Henson on Arsenio, Muppets Tonight, Dr. Teeth, roller coaster videos, simplicity, 57th Street, Newsweek / The Daily Beast, Alan Ruck, Gilbert Gottfried, controversial humor, American: The Bill Hicks Story, Alex Jones, Rich Hall, Howard Stern, cloning, Andy Kaufman, Chad’s package of Audiodical concepts, Joe Cain Hot Sauce, train ticket hole punches, View-Master, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, American Idol, Smells Like Teen Spirit, towel laundry, bad hair day, Conan O’Brien, show naming, Matter Addicts, on-the-scene investigation of a tractor trailer that crashed into a railroad bridge, flares, liquor store, Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, beer and urine, in The Overnightscape Studio, 64 oz. jug of Rogue Yellow Snow IPA beer, Overnightscape Chat, watching roller coaster videos, cheddar cheese cat food, Ginger, reboot, The Rampler Weekly, trailblazer, TED videos, pompous people, Hades wooden roller coaster, seeing the other rides, and giraffes.

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Released March 2011 on The Overnightscape Underground (, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and fascinating hosts.

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