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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Frank Nora Show 1679 – Fantasy Maps (4/19/11)

2:31:10 – 395 West 49th Street, “The Dark Tower” series of books by Stephen King, visiting the real location of fictional events, my interview with cartoons on Americast 19, song “Touched By The Hand of Cicciolina” by Pop Will Eat Itself, Hello Nurse, reality can be easier than fiction, visiting downtown locations mentioned on early 1960s Jean Shepherd shows, gulf of time, Food Emporium incident, Worldwide Plaza, red velvet donuts at 7-11, Foon Dice, new tax day, deadly storms over the weekend, cartoon crossovers in Fringe, Leonard Nimoy, are we a form of cartoon?, Source Code (2011), home theater, Bubble, Thor, watching Cheers on NetFlix, the warm analog audio on Cheers, the pleasures of listening to processed audio, computer simulations of vintage equipment, Buffalo Trace bourbon, working on the book, aspect ratio, human warmth, Taxi, Shelley Long, the influence of previous decades, premiere of The Game of Thrones on HBO, fantasy maps, socializing, the lure of videos and videogames, Bit.Trip games (Beat, Runner, Flux), revamping Bryant Park, Portal 2, Steam, Need For Speed Underground, night city, weird noise, life out of balance, urination dream, time travel dream of buying a candy bar in the 70s, Silly Putty obsession, dollar store putty, caught up on Naruto and Bleach, Atlas Shrugged, Battlefield Earth, song “Lady Picture Show” by Stone Temple Pilots, klutziness, smashed a mug and Advil, Tardis Hoover, putty formula, Cheers robot lawsuit, Hop poster candy reflections, my Uncle Ralph died today, Pennsylvania recordings from a decade ago, Betty Nora, new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, Beetle Adventure Racing, 99 Cent Dreams, dollar store expansion, Overnightscape Central, Special Olympics synchronicity, whatever happened to cyberspace?, Second Life, OpenSim, OSGrid, Americal Idol, Jennifer Lopez, song “Heavy Metal” by Sammy Hagar, sitting in Times Square, Penn & Teller Bullshit, MLM, Wonderland, Disney video billboard, Asgard, Mortal Kombat, man caves, (handheld game simulations), Motorola Atrix, Palm Foleo, Foon Dice playtesting, jeopardy family of dice game (Pig, Farkle, etc.), ABC cancels two long-running soap operas, the decline and current status of U.S. daytime soap operas, Dark Shadows, Podcast Alley, the pagan lifestyle, Petland Discounts, gerbils, space shuttle controversy, Korg Monotribe, Korg Wave Drum Mini, FedEx trivia, old Federal Express TV commercials, rest room quotes, completely random memories (survival kit, change machine trick), Moonlighting, buried memories, Star Wars, how many calories does wind have?,  rock and roll music, Lady Gaga theory, the arrival of the “aliens”, genetic modification, clean up this mess, subway beggar, guitar player, Swedish Fish Italian Ice, wireframe model of a Land Rover Evoque with cyberspace projections, thought it was called “Voque”, the persistent theme of combining fictional worlds with the real world, a nickel from 1940, beeping, coffee cart, this world seems like it could be a computer simulation, multitasking can affect your memory, spending days in a daze, the real world seems unreal, library, the teen scene on the mezzanine, humans as cartoonish, things are degenerating, noodle place weirdness, lit R fault, psychic noise, drugs, hope that the changes are for the better, art stars, it’s called “Evoque”, old TV show “Automan”, new season of Doctor Who starting this weekend, BBC America, and Whovent 86.

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Released April 2011 on The Overnightscape Underground (, an Internet talk radio channel focusing on a freeform monologue style, with diverse and fascinating hosts.

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  1. “Heavy Metal” by Sammy Hagar I never thought of as a metal song! It is totally a “hard rock” song. I don’t think Sammy Hagar was trying to blatantly brand it as a metal song (and being it was the lead tune from the soundtrack to that movie). It was more like he was making a commentary on that whole music genre. Other distinctly non-metal songs from that era have done just that (see “Heavy Metal Poisoning” by Styx).

    Now I generally hate American Idol and everything it stands for, but it is totally awesome a contestant would cover that song (and against the wishes of the powers that be of that show). Nice!

    Comment by Smidge Kurdlebaum — April 25, 2011 @ 8:00 am

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