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Sunday, May 8, 2011

American Girls Americast #22 (5/5/11)

3:36 – Alicia on Acid

My sister and I believe that we are in sole possession of this moment in history & are unwilling to relinquish that which is rightfully ours.

And other than that, I am like UNAVAILABLE 2day for like comment and stuff and everything.

Music-like sounds by Dino Sorbello

ADDENDUM: Hi, Deb here. Lee just axed me 2 type in this “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT” that she just like dictated 2 me or whatever:

“I don’t know why I never saw this before when its the most obvious thing anyone could ever possibly see. HOW MANY TIMES have you been to forever? How many times have you HAVEN’T?

“Deb says we’re in the air in Brooklyn but that’s impossible because she’s in the Dominican and I’m upstate making a souffle. LOL that’s a funny word– souffle.

“There are aspects of every aspect of every thing which are incorruptible. You can tell it by their accent when they smile at you.

“I realize NOW that it is OUR JOB to skin the cat– OUR JOB OURSELVES! It’s NOT up to the TV people– Darlings, we ARE the TV people! Stop acting as though you weren’t animated too– we ALL are, lovers, and THIS is our DEFINING MOMENT! From now on, we are The Beatles and the ONLY love greater than love is the love we love you with so abundantly, lovers!


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Attribution: by Those American Girls and Peter Bernard – more info at

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