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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ROAR-2011-07-05 – Episode 112 – 4thwith

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This time on the ROAR:
A shout-out from Mary Emmerson in California, opening remarks from Jim where he blathers generally, as usual, 4th of July greetings, Amero-Newfoundland history, a call for shout-outs, the idea of America, the constitution, the bill of rights, democracy, freedom, mob rule, the ownership test, a tip of the hat to Frank Nora and a request for help with Facebook, Jim’s favourite flags, confederation, the idea of a “democratic monarchy”, the decline of nationalism, Lillian’s world, musical debut, walk-about with Jim and Lillian, the mystery water flow, the ROAR100 playlist, thanks to Rod and Jennifer for “ROAR Party”, background music, telling people to go to Itunes and buy the Logical Song by Supertramp, some talk about Roger Hodgson, a police speedby, a new law passed in Newfoundland allowing detainment for no reason, more chat about freedom and tings, the how to tell lies and be believed equation, corruption, what is paranoia?, The Annie Hall moment, ROAR word challenge No. 1, words and words, the word, the most concise conversation possible, the telepathic cavemen, “Dead Men’s Secrets” by Jonathan Gray, the batteries running out and last but not least, the end of the show.

Music this time:
Our theme music, Genesis and a bunch of stuff in the background by our very own, Jim Fidler
The Crippled Children Jamboree by Jumpin’ Jim and Leapin’ Lilli Fidlah.

Best listened to on headphones  -  How come “all you can eat” buffets don’t deliver?

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