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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ROAR-2011-07-20 – Episode 113 – The French Connection

Republic of Avalon Radio

This time on the ROAR:

Opening remarks from Jim, the ROAR app for Iphone,Ipod Touch and Ipad, The ROAR app for Android, a status report on the album, the “soon to come” online community, the EP’s, Michael Meekins soon to arrive in the Republic Of Avalon, a bit about the next album, a shout-out to Paul in the U.K., Jim shamelessly begs for somebody to send him a braille display, a big plug for the Snowman Radio Podcast, ,
Walk-about with Jim and Lillian and Jacinthe, the origins of the word “parliment”, some talk about St. Pierre, don’t confuse a person who speaks French with a Frenchman, a chance meeting with Mark Belbin, introducing Jacinthe, some talk about Newfoundland’s French history, different French roots in Newfoundland, an offer for a free taxi ride, a bit about Jim and Lillian’s French roots, changes in the English and French languages over the last 1000 years, how both languages are being preserved differently on both sides of the Atlantic, some talk about some interesting words, planking salmon, another mention of the ROAR app for Android, a wee bit of “For Now I’m 64” with the ROAR’s number 1 busker, Richard Mixer, chance meetings, a chance meeting with Andrew Ledrew, young, excited drummers, some final words about words and too many little in between bits to be talking about.

Music this time:
Our theme, Genesis by Jim Fidler and other background goodies.

Best listened to on Headphones.
Is that a bagette, or are you just happy that there’s another episode of the ROAR?

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