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Monday, December 26, 2011

Anybody’s Guess #11-15 (Onsug release: 12-26-11)

2:48:04 –
Anybody’s Guess #11: Not the Crappy Marky Mark Remake (9-3-11) (33:09)
Planet of the Apes (1968), spoiler warning, TBS broadcast, extraterrestrial life, apes have cameras and guns, build-up in first half hour, Taylor the cynic, silent presence, Stewart, the look of the apes, 1960s, Dr. Zaius, doll, kiss between Taylor and Zira, Saturday Night Live parody, sequels, reboot.

Anybody’s Guess #12: Charm Bracelet (9-5-11) (31:04)
Birthday card shopping, one cheap thing, Jackie wrote on her leg, rummaging through charm bracelets, Factory Card Party outlet, Halloween costumes already in store, baby Yodas and baby Darth Vaders, Clerks cartoon, save gas mileage, fifty cents, the spelling of Meijer, American flags, X-Men First Class, Mad Men, Milos Forman, singing Hair, go to sleep.

Anybody’s Guess #13: Major Wipeout (9-6-11) (39:34)
Guest host Skeeter: unused skit for The Friday Maze, Anybody’s Guess episode #13, Little League coach, the world in the year 2061, The Truman Show, 1991, Tonight Tonight Tonight skit, wrapping up the show.

Anybody’s Guess #14: Big Shambles on Campus (9-6-11) (29:04)
Collegiate (Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians, 1925), recording on campus, my college days, creative writing class, early recording experiences, work anniversary, business history class that met on Thursday nights, the party I didn’t attend, exploring the student center, courtyard garden, psychology class, schizophrenic woman at Dairy Queen.

Anybody’s Guess #15: Design a Lemonade Stand (9-8-11) (35:11)
No solid topic for today’s show, who’s your favorite Bugs Bunny friend, Megamind, Deathly Hallows Part 2, great idea, Jackie draws a picture, Star Wars T-shirt, Neville Longbottom, 40-year-old Hermione looks too young, a perfect lemonade stand, Borders closing, upcoming old-time radio showcase on the show, crayons, The Three Little Pigs, release of The Great Spaceship Race of 8735, two more minutes.

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