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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anybody’s Guess #58: Anybody’s Shambleshow (12-31-11)

4:07:47 – Cold rain falling, still feel hollow, psychic twinkle involving Tiny Dancer, Elton John songs, mild winter, segments/shifts/sessions, first five seasons of Lost in my DVD collection, aborted plan to record Doctor Who reviews, Steven Moffat makes Doctor Who unnecessarily complicated, Murakami book, the potential of the Nightstation format, spontaneous night walk, whining, some great song playing on the radio, urge to go somewhere, awesome morning sky, show notes for AG #57, garbage, things change when I’m off work, appointment with shrink, security code scheme, stress, system upgrades, always something on Onsug I haven’t heard, planning for Nightstation session, Walgreens sounds, cool evening sky, the 1990 Ferris Bueller TV series, Uncle Buck, different perspective as an adult, sounds of Jackie playing Wii, nostalgia for summertime, I Want You Back, fruit snacks, New Year’s resolutions, ideas for The Shambleshow, unseasonably warm, workload dropped off, Cloud Base 44: Ishtar, Jackie likes to follows rules, Arachnid, my birthday and the Super Bowl, life trail, goals for 2012, watching three-person basketball game at park, exercise, my fascination with the Rampler era, the Overnightscape Beta episodes in 2003, Frank’s persistence, the word on the wall, setting off the key finder gadget, Jackie playing with her friend Anna at the library, The Dangerous Book for Boys, Jackie’s talent show, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Anna’s talent show, a single guy with no baggage, This Little Piggy, Bob Dylan: Best of the Original Mono Recordings, uploading AG #57 to Onsug, my friend Nicole got a B&N Nook, Tetris, feeling better, successful transfer, still haven’t watched Doctor Who special, let’s listen to Nightstation!, trying to talk to Frank, Peter Litkey, Would, hoping for quiet work day, Dragon Tattoo movie released during holidays, Blu-Ray, heavy drizzle, Wikipedia articles for Ferris Bueller TV series and Uncle Buck TV series, Audrey Meadows, Sam Anderson, Jump the Shark website, not invited to Olive Garden, Nightstation patches, listen to The Shambleshow in 2012, Ice Cream (The Tidbits, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs). Theme song: Trailed In The Dust (GhostHandPunch, Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0)

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