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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anybody’s Guess #32-33 (Onsug release: 3-4-12)

1:52:17 –
Anybody’s Guess #32: Ghost Novel Brainstorm (10-17-11) (30:16)
Ideas for this year’s National Novel Writing Month ( off the top of my head (i.e. ghosts, reincarnation, and other weirdy-weird stuff).

Anybody’s Guess #33: Surreptitiously, Wiseass (10-21-11) (1:22:00)
Cookout at my friend Tony’s parents’ house (recorded October 8, 2011): I’m not a cartoon character, wooing the waitress, he was the voice of reason, Cornholio, I’ve been watching that Terra Nova, show me the UFO stuff, your can of whupass has expired, siding, the laughing neighbors, selective hearing, carved my initials, big metal grain silos, but I had to make an itinerary, he even has a stereotypical name, it’s on autopilot, it’s so bad MTV won’t even play it, the stairway of penance, What the Deaf Man Heard, mannerisms and gestures, the chicken chicken joint, Eddie Haskell, there’s a tree over there, that was a good run too.

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