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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Macho Condor 2 (6/30/12)

4:37:01 – A collection of 71 amazing songs for your late night listening enjoyment! This one is all music, with no hosting.

As you may know, I’ve been spending way too much time plowing through vast mountains of Creative Commons music, where you might need to listen to twenty bad songs to find one good one. I’ve been collecting the best of the best of my discoveries in my Trash Am Records compilations (available here on Onsug).

Since Trash Am #6 back in April, I’ve ramped up my music discovery obsession, and have dug up a massive new collection of songs. So massive, that I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the process of organizing it. So, I decided to released the best of the best of this phase in this form – one big slab of music, using the Macho Condor show name.

The music is at 192kbps bitrate, and the tracks have been adjusted to keep them at a consistent volume.

One amazing coincidence I just found out is that the original Macho Condor, from September 2010, has the same opening song! Weird… but appropriate…

Enjoy! Listen all night long!

License for this compilation: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ( Attribution: by Macho Condor – more info at see show notes for license and attribution info for all the individual tracks

Track listing below…

All 71 songs found online, released under Creative Commons licenses.

01 The Smoking Sound by Juanitos
02 Dirty Lover by THE ROGUES
03 Dr Kilcline by Whitestar
04 Enola by liquidnoise/buzzingstrings (MVB)
05 Class Lux by Oleg O. Kachanko
06 Surfing In The Woods by Karibean
07 VHS by Jahzzar
08 Battle of the Nations by Polar Lion
09 Get High by Ades Vapor
10 African by Vladimir Sterzer
11 Salty Suite by The Woofers
12 Reward Le Fin by Mach FoX
13 The Planets, Op. 32 – I. Mars, the Bringer of War by Gustav Holst
14 Corvair 500 by The Aquatudes
15 City of Slaves by Mandate of Heaven
16 Volcano Boy by Lo Faber
17 We Are Going To Eclecfunk Your Ass by Eclectek
18 ENZYM’UT by ConFusion
19 African Hunter by Polar Lion
20 White Collar Criminals – West side love by Carmin.D
21 Black Scorpion Dub by Finn the Giant
22 Guest List Girls by ninetynine
23 The Ice-Cream-Truck Factory by Shawn Bayern
24 Your Eyes Have It by Bullette
25 Gimme by Christine
26 Cascade Masquerade by Blitz Lunar
27 Drink my drums by DJ RUSH
28 Leafless Quince Tree by Rolemusic
29 Coyotes on the Boulevard by bneumw/hamm/hockinfinger/mikerman (MVB)
30 Shalimar by Jennifer Avalon
31 Cheese Monkeys by NYLOC REX & Doctor Knox
32 Digital Stimulation by The Units
33 München by Garmisch Partenkirchen
34 Rain of Love by Jim Obzina
35 Wizards Night by SETI Project
36 Dancing on the Moon by Staiff featuring Klub
37 Plastic & Flashing Lights by Professor Kliq
38 Phone song by Kekernon
39 Luegendetektor Sein by Rupert Falsch
40 Mother Earth by Schattenfell
41 Heart of Medieval by Butterfly Tea
42 March of the Turtles by Ronnie
43 Cucumber Lotion by The Bombers
44 She by Tenpenny Joke
45 Such A Type by Reggie Regan
46 Sinfonietta Op.60 – I. Allegretto by Leos Janacek
47 Marlene by X-breed
48 2 Minutes by Tubular Tos
49 AngloZulu by Kevin MacLeod
50 Freedom voice of my soul by Art Boys Collection
51 Dear Old Southland by Polar Lion
52 Underground Reaction by SoLaRiS
53 Show Me by Bullette
54 Ruben Ranzo by Roger McGuinn
55 Das Madchen by Single Bullet Theory
56 Chewin Gum live by Smarton Trio + 1
57 Them never love the flowers (Jambassa rmx by Dub One!) by Dub One! (Germany)
58 Ja se jatkuu viel by Electric sheep blowjob
59 Exploding Toads by brudley5/hockinfinger/mikerman/crazy jon/Mrs. Hockinfinger/Justo-matic (MVB)
60 King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O by Roger McGuinn
61 Sweet Caress by Kookooo Kitchen
62 Turkey in the Straw by United States Air Force Strings
63 U Fine (Remix) (Featuring CM aka Creative) by Garmisch
64 this is a humalong (feat. featherbeard) by Rhoda
65 The Child by Doug Rice
66 Time Is Wasting by White Life
67 The Secrets by Bullette
68 bad times by idealist
69 Channel 9 by Space Weirdo
70 Urban Jungle Dawn by Rock Hardbuns
71 Blow The Man Down by Roger McGuinn

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  1. This is an amazing collection of music!!! Thank you 🙂 I’ve been listening at work. Love this!! 🙂

    Comment by Carrie Michel — July 16, 2012 @ 5:22 pm

  2. Great to hear you’re enjoying it! I am amazed there is so much incredible CC music…

    I am working on another collection… may be even bigger…

    Comment by Frank — July 16, 2012 @ 5:39 pm

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