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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Overnightscape 905: Sundowner Cassette (8/27/12)

1:55:50 – Frank in NYC talking about many things… My car has a cassette player, joys of the day world, commuting into New York City, new TV show “Copper”, a question of rivers and oceans, Toyota Matrix, Pontiac Vibe, Johnny Dangerously (1984), Kubb, cassettes, New Midnight Cassette System, the physical presence of cassettes, Grand Central Station, Colorama, computer shopping, Visual Land MP3 Boombox, Pocket Overnightscape on a $33 64GB flash drive, Hurricane Isaac, Kitaro, new Men Without Hats album “Love In The Age Of War”, cassette mishaps, the miracle of the Men Without Hats cassette getting Indian food, sundown on Route 46, bag of ice, Spotify, hacksawing, Bug Out, creative aspirations vs. “real life”, writing, being in a band, creative background processing in the mind, lust for life, the ego, count your blessings, Republicans, artificial shortages for control, lost joy of politics, Roseanne Barr for President, The Roseanne Roast, Tom Arnold, nihilistic sadism of the elite, money, beating a dead horse, death of Neil Armstrong, Apollo Moon landing hoax, death of typeface maven Dan X. Solo, Dover Publications, fear, death of John Belushi, Slow Cow, shoe issues, Marley’s Mellow Mood, anti-energy drinks, purple drank, cloud weirdness, Daryl Hannah and Newhart synchrocities between this show and The Shambleshow, Blade Runner (1982) and Mad Monster Party (1967), Future Life Magazine at Jim Hanley’s Universe, self-identity coats, another mass shooting, and The Overnightscape System. F1855

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  1. I’d love to know what’s on some of those flea market cassettes. 🙂

    Comment by Shambles Constant — September 4, 2012 @ 9:56 am

  2. Absolutely agree about the importance of having a “visual” form of media for music (vinyl, cassettes, CDs, etc). I was trying to get on this point in a Gunkcast series of episodes (the “Vinyl Rant”) that I put out last year. But people lose half the experience when they are just dealing with mp3’s & they don’t see the full packaged deal (artwork, pictures, liner notes, etc). I tend to forget what music is on my player or hard drive and I also find myself looking at what’s in my bin of CDs or old cassettes often.

    Also, your point about musicians/bands living the dream of getting “signed” & (in some cases) saying they are giving it their final effort by putting themselves in one of the so-called reality show competitions. I say why waste their time at all if that is how they think? From my experience, I think you should do it as something you love and will always continue to do regardless of success or what the mainstream media circus says! I spent like the whole of the 90’s thinking like that (we have to try to get signed now or it’s over)… That is one great thing in our current age where bands can write, record, & produce their own music and make it available online without the (past) obligation of being signed to a record label!

    Last thing… I saw Men Without Hats play a free street festival (with The Human League opening) here in Chicago last Fall. I didn’t hear them play any of the new material at the time, but it was a great show!

    Comment by Smidge Kurdlebaum — September 7, 2012 @ 6:55 am

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