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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Overnightscape 945: Welcome To The Weasel Village Mall (1/25/13)

2:11:04 – All about the Weasel Village Mall…

Exploring the Weasel Village Mall – where it came from and where it’s going, escalator messages, alternate bus area, the pan flute, The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King, The Corridor of Losers, Dr. Sleep (the sequel to The Shining), weird subway door noise, Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen song), Stanley Kubrick and conspiracy theories about The Shining, Room 237 (2012), Apollo hoax, origins of the Weasel Village Mall, The Abstract Novel, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, tunnels and corridors in malls, Little Frankie Nora compilation “Welcome To The Weasel Village Mall”, various Wesel Village Mall concepts over the years, Bluffcosm, virtual reality, Little World of Racetracks, Racetrack Roptoon, Abaxial Usufruct, The Three Weasels, other Weasel Villages, The Three Weasels Expanded Weasel Program, Codingseeds, Fovy, Thai lunch, Simply H2O, ATM vestibule, a mall as a self-contained little world, indoor theme parks, Walt Disney World, alternate dimensions, The Voice UK, Profiles In History – Hollywood Auction 53 PDF, OutRun Nights, VIA Train in Basement, indoor Sports Worlds of the 90s, Wesel Village Mall in VR, and four of my segments from Overnightscape Central… ((1:02:58)) Overnightscape Central – Halloween (10/17/11), Cybernightcast with Panda Hamilton, history of the Weasel Village Mall, pet weasels, Wolfmellow, The Muskington VR Terror Experience, ((1:22:20)) Overnightscape Central – Abstract Novel (9/24/12), Oliver Wences and the tent city, used books, Ethel Allison, Husk Pillow Beat, Ethel’s Electrical Circle, Puppet Road, Hull New Media, ((1:37:18)) Overnightscape Central – Abstract Novel II (11/26/12), Snake Alan College, Vote Lobe Seahose Ice Cream, Outer Parking Landing, corn juice, Bonobo Train & Hobby, Ian Hanclair, rouing, pure experience, Granny Takes A Trip, Alta Diggers, Brouclear, Cineplex Huskeon, ((1:49:56)) Overnightscape Central – Abstract Novel III (1/21/13), different versions of the mall in alternate dimensions, Weasel Village Wolfmellow, Zelazny’s Amber series, A Cosmic Hallway of Malls, Z Puppet Intermags, Jemima Gin in Jamboree Annabell, and industrial parks in Maryland.


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