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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Onsug Archive Update Feb. 2013

The archive of The Overnightscape Underground is current, up to the end of January 2013.

95 Lots
4,800 transmissions
4095:30:23 (170.6 Days / 24.4 Weeks / 5.6 Months)
Average length – 51:12
The Main Archive (203 GB) is at This is all the audio as it was originally released. Most files are 128kbps stereo MP3s.

Pocket Overnightscape (42.2 GB) is the same set of tracks as the main archive, but converted to lo-fi 24kbps mono MP3s. It can be downloaded loose or as ZIPs.

Overnightscape Handbook 95 is a PDF that contains detailed information about the archive.

I’m also working on:

New Pocket Overnightscape is a reorganization of the archive to make it easier to find each show. It is current up to the end of October 2012. Development is on hold at the moment, but I do plan on returning to it. The site right now is a simple file browser and audio player, and is a work in progress.

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