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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Frank Nora Time Machine – Hosted by Jimbo (1/9/16) 026

hymoos300 (1:09:17) Believe it or not, Jimbo’s back (although, he does not appear) in yet another episode of The Best of The Frank Nora Time Machine. Jimbo does add a LOT of new music, including previously unreleased tracks from “Very Frank Words” and the Fuzzy Wuzzy musical project (with words written by Nora for Fuzzy Daupner but music and performance by Jimbo.)

However, the heartbeat of this episode (and all of the Nora/Jimbo Time Machine episodes) is the fleshing out of Nora’s better bits in his far-off/somewhat-forgotten episodes. Jimbo hopes to present a new episode now and again and also plans to write numerous pieces of music to go along with them.

IN THIS EPISODE: (from The Overnightscape #81 9/11/04) Barbara Bush’s looks haven’t changed .. ♬ LEARN A LESSON FROM BARBARA BUSH .. orange juice concentrate .. ♬ WHY DO THEY CONCENTRATE THE ORANGES? .. Bill Clinton’s heart surgery .. ♬ BILL CLINTON DIED TODAY .. reading ‘lost’ Fuzzy Daupner lyrics (“Laser Baffle Rag”, of which all the following songs are taken:) .. ♬ I HAD AN OPEN MIND .. ♬ WAS DANA PLATO A LOSER? .. ♬ IS ANYTHING EVER GONNA BE EASIER? (version 2) .. ♬ SURF GUITAR IS MINIMALISTIC (edit) .. ♬ IS ANYTHING EVER GONNA BE EASIER? (version 1, edit) .. ♬ CHARLES NELSON REILLY ON CAFFEINE (edit) .. ♬ KITTEN KITTEN .. (end of Fuzzy Daupner stuff) .. review of Brian Wilson’s “SMiLE” .. on 9/11/04 Frank talks about the World Trade Center memories .. (from The Overnightscape #82 9/19/04) cinema rides and Show Biz Pizza Place Theaters .. new nickels reviewed (Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark) .. ♬  HE’S NOT MAGIC BUT NUMISMATIC .. ♬  PATCHING OUT

* All Jimbo’s Onsug music and more: Soundcloud page

License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ( Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora and Jimbo – more info at

all Frank Nora segments produced by Frank Nora; all original music and rest produced by Jimbo

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