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Thursday, September 1, 2011

ROAR-2011-09-01 – Episode 114 – Mashing It Up

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This time on the ROAR:
Greetings from “not” Alan Alda, greetings from Ian, Kate and Lance, all from Australia,
opening remarks from Jim, the weather, the music industry, Jim’s new album and the soon to come EP releases, the soon coming Roots Cellar Rats community at, Walkabout with Jim and Lillian, a wee bit of democrazy, the usual weather report, the “not quite” half moon, moon names, the turd moon, the man in the moon, bad moon landing footage, bad logic formulae, ancient technology, “Dead Men’s Secrets” by Jonathan Gray, the moon cheese joke, the moon cheese idea, the moon cheese slogan, Jim’s song “Matrix”, we all need a filter, the box reality, the big illusion, the myth myth, a school of fools, manufacturing reality, ashew obfuscation, passing the ROAR’s number 1 busker, Richard Mixer, passing the open gates to hell, weather, warming periods, cooling periods, running into our friends Charlie and Tanya and all kinds of that there fooly dooly.

Music this time:
Our theme, Genesis and a bunch of stuff, in the background, from Jim’s new album by Jim Fidler

Best listened to on headphones.
That really wasn’t Alan Alda.  -  Really!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ROAR-2010-09-22 – Episode 97 – The Wind In The Windows

Republic of Avalon Radio Logo

This time on the ROAR:
Opening remarks from Jim, greetings to listeners, the up-coming 100th ROAR celebration on Thursday, September 30 at Erin’s pub featuring Terri Lynn Eddy, Renee Batten, John Barella, Hugh Scott, Arthur O’Brien, Freddie Jorgenson, Dave Panting, Jim Fidler and more, hurricane Igor, some insight on making the ROAR, the Republic Of Avalon Radio Iphone app, interview with Ross Traverse,, Lillian with an Accent, the hurricane, Jim and Lillian during the storm, wind, rain, more wind and rain, closing remarks from Jim and Lillian and enough stuff ta mek ya giddy deh.

Music this time:
Our theme, Genesis, Home Comes The Rover, All I Really Wanted, Merrigan’s Reel, Flow On Waterford River, Lillian (A Portrait In Sound) and The Merman by Jim Fidler

Best listened to on headphones.  -  Hang on to your hats!!!

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