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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Frank Nora Archive (FNA)

I’ve been doing Internet talk radio shows for nearly seven years now. From “The Overnightscape” to “The Rampler” to the current project, “The Overnightscape Underground”, I have released over 1,800 audio files, totalling over 65 days in length.

You can download the entirety of this in a new archive I created called “Frank Nora Archive” (“FNA” for short). There are 47 ZIP files you can download, totalling 15.5 GB. There is also a checklist you can print out to keep track of things.

The audio format for FNA is 24kbps, mono MP3. While “lo-fi”, I think it sounds pretty good – kind of like listening to an old AM radio. I may release everything in the “hi-fi” format at some point, but for now this is fine.

FNA is based on my previous “OnsugBox” project – but expands upon it. Additionally, I will be adding each new month to FNA as I finish them.

If you use Firefox, you can install the free add-on “DownloadThemAll” to make it easier to download all 47 files. Or, of course, you can download them individually.

Enjoy the archive! There are many undiscovered audio treasures within!!

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