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Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Exit Ramp #9 – High Noon (6/28/20)

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4:47:29 – It’s a wide ranging discussion covering current events, technology, society, pop culture, and much more! This time, Frank from The Overnightscape hosts the show at noon on Sunday. Joining him are PQ from Quaquaversal Satellite and Overnightscape Central, Dave in Kentucky from his various shows, Simon from Nevada from Scary Stories, Mike Boody from The Midnight Citizen, Jan Erik from Norway, Doc Sleaze from his various shows,  Matt from Scotland, Frank’s brother John, Becky from Bi-Coastal Becky, Peter from The Three Weasels, Carrie (from Fuzzy Dauper) and her husband Joe, from many Texas adventures, Roel from The Netherlands from many Overnightscape Adventures,Chad from Chadcast, and Marc from Fusebox.

License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ( Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora & Guests – more info at

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  1. On the subject of model railways, 00 gauge is the UK equivalent of HO. HO, quite literally, stands for ‘Half O’, as it is half the size of O gauge. Both HO and 00 use 16.5mm gauge track, but whereas HO uses 3.5mm to the foot models on this track, 00 usually uses 4mm to the foot models on the same track gauge. I say usually, because in the sixties, Trix produced 3.8mm to the foot models for this gauge and labelled them 00. (To confuse things further, at one time Rivarossi produced its Italian models to 3.8mm to the foot and marketed them as HO).

    On the subject of toppling statues, I have only two general thoughts. Firstly, statues are inanimate objects, attacking them is not equivalent to attacking the actual person. I’d much rather that people vented their anger against these symbols than against flesh and blood people. Like it or not, they are symbols, often very powerful ones and, more often than not, are erected with no recourse to any democratic process – surely if people en masse decide to remove them, this is an expression of the ‘will of the people’.

    Also, statues are as subject to the process of history as any thing else – when statues of Hitler, Lenin and Saddam, for instance, were erected, it was because they had some kind of populist support. But times move on and what we know of them changes and consequently so does our perception of them. Should we wait for some civic committee to decide whether we should tear them down, or not?

    My second and, I promise, my last thought on the subject: many of those now decrying the toppling of statues of slave traders and Confederate war generals (who wants to celebrate losers, anyway?), are the self same people who were cheering and applauding when those statues of Lenin and Saddam came down. Just saying.

    Comment by Doc Sleaze — June 29, 2020 @ 4:22 pm

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