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vscastduckert (17:13) Mega-fan “Dave in Wisconsin” Duckert had an idea. What if he foisted “Vic and Sade” on some family and friends and caught their audio reactions? A great idea, but 78 years late!

Your host is Dave Duckert.

“Double Feature in Hopewood” was written by Paul Rhymer.

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___show art (56:46) A fascinating look at THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951), IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN and THEM!, four above-average 1950’s films that dealt with radiation and/or nuclear weapons.

ONSUG hosts Doc Sleaze (Sleazecast/Schlock Express), Marc Rose (Fusebox) and Shambles Constant (The Malt Shop/Radio Free Shambles and many more) join producer Jimbo (ONS Central, Hey Everybody it’s Jimbo!, Vic and Sadecast, Hometownville) attempting something he’s never done before: documentary audio.

Music credits:
harmonic clouds patch III – severence (YouTube); Klangteppich – Marius Leicht (YouTube); Once Upon a Time in the West KATICA ILLÉNYI (theremin) and the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, written by Ennio Morricone (used by special permission, thanks to Katica Illényi and IKP Music) (YouTube); BURG – The saucer people by ollilaboratories (YouTube)

A very special “thank you” to PQ Ribber.

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fen show art (37:22) Have some fun with Jimbo as FRANK EDWARD NORA answers inane questions.

Franklyn? .. Illuminati homage? .. pizza? .. does Denise Nora listen in? .. feelings about ‘Naked Larry’ .. listening to the Underground? .. change the ONS Central? .. female listeners and hosts? .. like “Vic and Sade”? .. viewing “Vic and Sade” as real people? .. clip-on mike? .. ONSUG Guide update? .. who is “Paunch Stevenson”? .. take a week off? .. the WFMU story .. best Frank episode ever? .. is Milt Kanes a real person? .. most important film director 1930-50? .. Frank’s movie with unlimited budget/crew

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fuse-large (47:33) A friendly chat with Marc Rose of Fusebox and Fuse Audio Design.

Tampa hurricanes .. NCAA animated mascots .. 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers .. weird cinema (Freaks, Island of Lost Souls, The Maestro, The Diabolical Doctor Z, Succubus, more) .. Juan García Esquivel .. Gentle Giant .. Frank Zappa .. (Overrated or Underrated: Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Devo, Seinfeld, Cheech and Chong, Orson Welles, old-time radio) .. Marc’s pet skunk .. political media .. Jeff Pollard .. the trouble with Hometownville .. a Jimbo cartoon? .. exhausted creators .. new Count Chocula branding .. Carl Cornshaver .. the ogre .. magician in the family .. a phone call from Timo

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Produced by Marc Rose and Jimbo

Show art by PollardDesign

(49:58) Hackers, toast and gigantic frogs.

my stupid opening .. my un-important thoughts .. electrician simulation .. hackers at .. on the porch .. six o’clock .. Brazen Gestures .. raisins for infidels .. Chad of Chadcast .. buttered cinnamon sugar bread .. untoasted bread synchronicity .. being outside .. eating people in Laos .. jumping lizard .. sausage eating .. David Attenborough’s Amphibians .. gigantic frog confusion .. Frank’s motorcycle .. Southeast Georgia phenomenon .. I’m not from HERE .. Southeastern people .. sub-tropical system .. Global Warming .. snake? .. the supernatural .. crop circles .. meme .. UFOs .. astronomy .. lawn growth .. goofy lawn kid .. rubber hose .. “Welcome Back Kotter” .. “Saved By the Bell” .. my GHOST SPOON jingle for “The Rich and the Filthy” .. an interview with Milt Kanes of Fusebox

Milt Kanes interview produced by Marc Rose.

Easily find all of “Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo!” in one place: at ONSUG RADIO, which was created by audio scientist Frank E. Nora.

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Onsug_Radio_144 (46:37) Frank Edward Nora answers questions about his ideas, sees the future, does celebrity impressions, talks about the Underground and more!

many questions, covering: Frank as the ONSUG idea machine …. movies …. television as a kid …. revelations about the Underground

Frank Answers Some Questions (the first interview) (7/19/2015)


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SHAM0917217744378234323 (1:03:26) Who’s the nicest, happiest guy on the Internet? I say it’s the prolific Shambles Constant.

hello .. old-time radio .. finding the ONSUG .. five year evolution of the ONSUG .. Frank Nora, the genius .. a year of The Rampler .. plethora of hosts .. 1970’s television and absurdity .. “Happy Days” and Norman Lear .. British television .. influenced heavily by “Doctor Who” .. explaining his various ONSUG shows .. musical taste .. being prolific .. shifting from writing to the spoken word .. downtime: all or nothing, watching “Doctor Who” and movies .. a happy person .. shunning negativity .. shoe size .. bye

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chad (53:53) Meet Chad Bowers. He’s the guy that sounds like he escaped from a Texas mental institution when he podcasts. Oh wait, no, that’s Jimbo. I think Chad is the one who plays it straight and then twists the story enough to where you are go, “What the hey?” Yeah, that’s the guy.

Anyway, whoever he is, he recently answered a mess of odd questions for Jimbo. Partake with this audio as if this were Bayou-spicy all-you-eat-seafood.

intro .. finding the Onsug .. via iTunes .. Frank Nora’s thoughts = Chad’s thoughts .. found during free time .. synchronicities .. started listening in 2007 .. trying to listen from Show #1 .. Frank hasn’t changed but production has .. Frank’s changing the show numbering .. describing Frank and impressions .. Hawkeye Pierce from MASH .. large, gracious person .. spending time with Frank .. laid back .. familiar .. Mobile, Alabama .. French Mobile ..  “the South is a place where you’d have to live to understand things (the South)” .. spirit that binds us (Onsug) together .. synchronicity .. road trips .. seating during the road trip .. trips to Connecticut .. tourist attractions .. Richie Rich and comic books .. “Are you boys are on drugs?” .. strange, unusual, funny stories .. learning comedy from the mentally ill .. comedy balance is the believable + mentally disturbed thoughts .. early influences: TV shows watched as a child .. Happy Days (Fonzie) .. neighbor girl who ate raw meat .. cartoons .. Bozo the Clown (Chicago) .. big fan of Johnny Carson and Tonight Show .. watched him with contrast adjusted and volume low .. wanted to be Johnny Carson .. magazines .. older brother was an influence .. appreciation for art .. the moving mosaic .. The Killing Fields .. X Files .. David Lynch films .. Star Wars .. Sid and Marty Kroft theme park .. documentaries and viewing films .. Class Clown? .. monkey bars kiss memory .. office assistant in school .. hated physical education .. value of being close to school faculty .. mimeograph machine .. Chad’s joke of the day .. growing up in the deep South in the 1970’s and 80’s .. hurricane .. Mardi Gras .. fog .. picnics at the graveyard .. race relations were better then .. and worse off now .. dream of a new America after WWII .. another fall coming? .. growing up in the South shaped Chad’s humor .. Chad’s granddad .. he could make a tragic story funny .. a celebration of the strange .. storytelling with ‘hypertruth’ .. Dallas is full of superficial people .. important life lessons from granddad .. spicy seafood .. bathroom errors after seafood parties .. lack of knowledge of BBQ baloney! .. foods of Mobile .. bread, butter and sugar .. pecan pie .. seafood .. an island to yourself .. Mobile Bay .. rainy and foggy .. magic on the causeway bridge .. history haunts Mobile .. running the sound board for his older brother’s band .. special privileges as a member of the ‘Rotting Reagans’ .. loving elevator music (is he kidding or not?) .. various bands Chad likes, most start with ‘The’ .. re: BBQ baloney .. another list of bands Chad enjoys .. The Cure .. he’s a ‘Vic and Sade‘ fan! .. couldn’t understand Vic .. PQ Ribber and the Overnightscape Central .. PQ is good .. the large Chick-o-Stick candy .. the Chick-o-Stick song by Chad!! .. Joe Cain Hot Sauce .. in honor of Joe Cain and his history .. author Richard Brautigan .. Chad says goodbye .. ♫ CHAD YOU’RE SO NORMAL

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cb44new_144 (1:03:22) The one and only Eddie Murray of Cloud Base 44 joins Jimbo (on the porch?) for an interesting look into the life of an Onsug monologist.

intro .. Trampler Sampler: the Underground’s beginning .. Bob Lement .. Living in the Republic of Ireland .. Southeast England .. and all the other places .. Cloud Base 44’s name origins: airplane stuff and computer clouds and perspective .. Eddie’s musical career .. playing in a band .. drums .. punk band .. learning the guitar .. tinkering on the piano .. it’s complicated and messy recording music .. sound engineering .. music is a fun thing .. writing music .. messing around/hobby .. Eddie hopes to play his original music in a future CB 44 episode .. widening the musical pallet .. co-creating music with Jimbo .. thoughts about Frank Nora‘s amazing tenacity, dedication and accumulation of material and ideas .. Frank’s perspective .. in another world, the Onsug is the best thing ever .. meeting Frank, the superstar! .. ordinary guy .. the Onsug is about those recording – not the listener .. freedom .. the Onsug is between the extremes of radio/podcasting .. Frank’s The Overnightscape and his changing opinions .. speaking our minds on the Onsug .. it takes bravery to speak your mind on a show .. down time thoughts: having a normal life and not being concerned about recording .. pursuing other hobbies .. missing Bob Lement and his chilled show .. Jimbo is funny .. PQ Ribber and old-time radio .. feeling rundown – energy sucked out of you .. particular energy needed to record .. the zeitgeist and recording .. David Gray .. John Martyn .. sick of The Beatles, Stones .. liking the new music .. all music, including frequencies .. U2 .. hip hop .. other music likes .. Eddie claims to have “expressed all” on his shows .. an open person .. a brief history of Eddie’s life and interests .. life in Ireland .. Scotland .. New York, LA, Philippines .. glad to see Ruben Schade back .. spiritual things .. conspiratorial things .. the afterlife .. the afterlife of animals

Produced by Eddie Murray.

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docdocdoc (1:52:57)* A deep look into the world of conspiracy and cinema (not all schlock) and life with the funny, brilliant and incomparable Doc Sleaze (and his *contagious* laughter.)

*Worth every minute of the 1 hour and the 53.

Intro .. Doc as a regular Overnightscape Central contributor .. why does sleaze interest the Doc? .. Soho .. spanking films .. Tom Baker .. Timothy Spall .. Piggate .. non-sleazy podcasts .. the JFK assassination .. Jack Ruby .. the ‘magic bullet’ .. Oswald .. banking conspiracies .. Paul McCartney .. billionaires .. crackpot conspiracies .. road signs removed to confuse Nazi convoys .. a conspiracy: limo with Churchill and Roosevelt followed to ancient stone circle – they get naked and sacrifice a child in order to defeat the Nazis .. history re-written .. anti-semitism .. ‘everything is fake’ conspiracy .. BBC and FOX news/Network (film) .. .. Doc’s education background .. non-teaching teacher .. Midnight Citizen .. favorite ‘B’ and schlock films .. ‘Blood Beast from Outer Space’ aka ‘The Night Caller’ .. John Saxon .. Alfred Burke .. director John Gilling .. Italian schlock films .. ‘Strip Nude for Your Killer’ aka ‘Nude per l’assassino’ .. ‘Opera’ aka ‘Terror of the Opera’ .. Ed Wood loved making films .. ‘Ed Wood’ (the film) .. Wood films are enjoyable .. Bela Lugosi .. early Hollywood and schlock .. ‘Reap the Wild Wind’ .. One-Shot Bodine .. ‘Gone With the Wind’ .. C.B. DeMille .. serials .. Errol Flynn .. ‘Robin Hood’ .. ‘Dodge City’ .. Tasmania .. greatest move star of all-time .. Raoul Walsh and Michael Curtiz .. swashbucklers .. ‘The Magnificent Seven’ .. heroism .. John Sturges .. Sturges’ Westerns .. Robert Ryan .. ‘Bad Day at Black Rock’ .. French directors and films .. Jean-Pierre Melville .. ‘The Red Circle’ aka ‘Le Cercle Rouge’ .. ‘The Samurai’ .. ‘Bob the Gambler’ .. remade in 1990’s where Nick Nolte sings .. fated .. UFO’s: most have rational explanations .. subjective or objective .. waters muddied by fake material .. ghost rockets .. air ships .. chariots in the sky .. documented story of descending rope caught on a gravestone .. inconclusive .. ‘random thoughts’ episodes .. inspired by Shambles’ ‘Tapestry’ shows .. Schlock Express .. the U.K. version of PQ Ribber .. listened to PQ’s ‘Bug Out‘ and became obsessed .. Vic and Sade .. Jean Shepherd .. Bob and Ray .. PQ’s musical talent .. pop culture .. PQ’s ‘natural voice’ .. anxiety of long-distance flying .. ‘Them!’ .. ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ .. ‘Stranger From Venus’ .. approach things without ridicule .. approaching satire by being serious but let it become absurd .. people (readers/listeners) who take satire seriously .. Bob Geldof’s Porn for Africa satire .. the value of things .. schlock television: ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea‘ .. show became outlandish .. paper bulkheads on submarine .. ludicrous monsters .. the Mayan mummy .. Jason King .. Peter Wyndgarde .. ‘Howard’s Way‘ .. ‘Baywatch Nights‘ .. ‘Anaconda 3‘ .. David Hasselhoff .. supposed reality shows .. ‘Lizard Lick Towing’ .. ‘South Beach Towing’ .. ‘Storage Wars’ and ‘Storage Hunters U.K.’ .. ‘Made in Chelsea’ .. ‘Storage Hunters U.K.’ filmed close to Doc .. Doc’s website! (excellent!) .. Doc’s Daily Diary (excellent!)

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