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Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey Everybody, it’s Jimbo! – South aka Chad – 085 (2/8/16)

Capture (43:24) Jimbo talks about known things he seems to have in common with Chad — and peripheral items.

interview with Chad Bowers spoke to ME .. “funny” books (Richie Rich, Casper, Wendy, Dot, Harvey comics, The Archies and humor) .. cassette player .. baseball play-by-play .. are you on drugs? .. Ft. Worth Bozo .. McLean Stevenson .. train from Dallas to Ft. Worth .. no curfew .. late night radio and television .. pajamas with electrical static charge in the dark and radio .. discovering stereo .. Dire Straits and The Police .. You Bet Your Life (tv) and The Honeymooners .. ignorant about The Marx Brothers .. Sid and Marty Kroft at Six Flags Over Texas .. magical .. other Kroft vehicles .. LSD? .. Sigmund the Sea Monster .. Johnny Whittaker of Family Affair .. enjoying this .. class clown using physical humor .. demanding of myself to be the class clown .. practiced to be entertaining .. teachers both love and hate the class clown .. being a jerk and being arrogant .. successful .. school was for being social, not learning .. the girl class clown .. her sister wouldn’t let me play her banjo .. the common problem with understanding Vic on Vic and Sade .. Vic and Sadecast .. the Mississippi Delta .. a certain flavor .. Dallasites .. the South: busing, the racial problem, forced integration, the South is not the North, it all stems from the Civil War, the South mentality: blacks have this as well as whites, all the Southern Civil War states deal with this mentality, it’s not RACISM – it’s RACE, Palestine vs Israel, Jews vs Muslims, powder keg still exists, another Civil War?, the early 1970’s: a harmonious time broken up by busing and forced integration, the South is a strange place .. synchroncity is strong in my life .. strong conduits for me: Jeopardy and old-time radio .. strongly affected by it: as are many of the Onsuggers .. what is the purpose of synchronicity? .. the Onsug .. influenced by Chad’s humor .. expressing myself and enjoying what the Onsuggers share .. unusual Alabama foods

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